As a house seller, you want the best price and the most favourable terms. There are countless marketing choices, along with legalities and details that go into a sale. GTA House listings provides a customise solutions to each seller as we believe that each property is different and so is the home seller’ needs. We support our customers in all facets of marketing, from preparing their house to sell, Online (Internet), Print and offline advertising. We are a licensed experienced professional with specialized skills. Here is a list of services we provide to our clients during the selling process:
  • Identification of Seller’s needs and goals using techniques like Conduct Initial Walk-Thru and Seller’s Goal Interview
  • Carry out a thorough market analysis- Home assessment, neighbourhood watch and current market trends.
  • Preparation of a customized Marketing and Communication Plan
  • Provide Realtime feedback on agent showing and open house
  • Screening and Interviewing of potential Buyers
  • Arrange for Showing Appointments
  • Receive and Personally Present Offers
  • Open house every weekend till property sold for walkthrough buyers.
  • Yard sign w/ flyer box
  • Property inspection and inspection certificate
  • Property Staging by certified stager
  • One-year home warranty on all major systems and appliances.
  • Safe close insurance
  • Detailed Insights on property listings


We at gta house listings believe that time to sell is crucial to get right value of your property. We make use of ours and partner network marketing database to reach out to qualified buyers to provide maximum exposure to your listing. In addition, we make use of power of internet to reach out to potential buyers using various social media platforms using our industry and customer understanding. Our marketing plan carefully blends the On-line and Print Advertising and extensive use of our Realtor network. Here are the few key elements of marketing plan to sell your property
  • Featured Property listings on our portal
  • Listing your property on national pool by exposing it on MLS,, Remax and all other major companies Websites
  • Professional Pictures & Virtual Tour
  • Standalone website of your property in the name of the property address
  • Just Listed and Open House Ad on Facebook, Google and local newspaper.
  • Custom made, professionally designed marketing materials for open house and other marketing channels
  • Assist with Negotiations
  • Review and finalisation of Formal Sales Contract
  • Ensure Satisfaction of Contract Contingencies & Timelines
  • Coordinate Appraisal, Structural/Engineering Inspections
  • Oversee Mortgage Approval Process
  • Coordinate Signing Appointments and Attend with Clients
  • Coordinate Final Walk-Through Inspection
  • Neighbourhood marketing - Just Listed and Open House Flyers distribution and personalised invitation Extensive use of our marketing database and Realtor network


First question comes in mind of every seller, how much will be the commission of realtor. When we receive calls from people, first they ask for commission then they want to talk about everything else.

Truth / Facts About Commissions for Home Sellers:

There is no fixed commission rate or set rate and it is not legal to fix the rate, but total commission rates charged typically, vary from 2.5% to 3.5%. But, sometimes, it might range up to 5% or higher depending on house values and type of services included in the package. As a standard practice, buyer’s agent receives a commission of 2% to 2.5%, and the balance is paid to the listing brokerage.
Are Commissions Negotiable?
Have you come across marketing advertisements claiming “maximum 2.5%” or “all this for “1% commission” or discount brokers claiming to list for $999? Or even few advertisements claiming “0% commission. Can you really believe these claims? Often these claims are only “a half truth” as they are either attach sting to offer or only referring to one half of the commission, specifically, the listing side of the commission. In real estate transaction, you are required to pay both selling side and well as buying side agent commission. Typically, Listing Commission is lowered only when you agree to buy your next home through the same agent or broker or you must buy one of their own listings (less choice for you) or the listing broker must list and also sell your home to a buyer themselves (not too frequent). You must read the fine print of the advertisement very carefully and consider the services you will receive in lieu of a lower commission rate. These ads can be somewhat confusing at times, so please do your due diligence before signing any listing agreement.

How much We Charge

Our standard charge is 1% for selling your property. But you will be required to pay additional 2.5% to buyer agent. Hence a total commission charged shall be 3.5%. For services, like staging, pre-inspection or any other repair will provide details of qualified personals whom you can pay directly by yourself. However, if you are constrained with time or do not want to deal with service providers or constrained with money, we can get the things done on your behalf. We can add these costs to our commission and can be paid upon selling your property.